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  • Maintenance measures for impeller wear of high pressure centrifugal fan

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 49
    Recently, many friends have consulted us online: the high-pressure centrifugal fan blower wears, can you repair it?We are also speechless, we are the manufacturer of the fan, not the fan repair shop.Today, Xiaobian found some information about fan impeller maintenance on the Internet, for everyone to share: centrifugal fanIf the blades of the centrifugal fan impeller wear a large gap and the fan blades are ...
  • In operation, the vortex blower has low pressure and the air volume is large?

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 58
    Is the vortex fan pressure low during operation and the air volume is large?When the customer selects the vortex fan, he often does not know what the relationship between the pressure and the flow of the fan is. It often makes it in the fog. After we explained it, there is still something that I don’t understand. So Xiaobian is here to talk about:In fact, the relationship between the two has been said befor...
  • Where is the noise of the vortex blower mainly from?

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 46
    Where is the noise of the vortex blower mainly from?After the vortex fan is turned on, the noise will follow, so where is the big sound coming from?No matter what kind of equipment, as long as it is not in a static state, the work is inevitable, and the sound is inevitable, but the sound is different, and it is different.For our fan products, the main sound comes from air flow noise and mechanical motion no...
  • How to prevent the vortex blower from malfunctioning

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 11
    How to prevent the vortex blower from malfunctioning.If the whirlpool fan is used for a long time, prevention is the key. For example, in order to avoid illness, it is necessary to take prevention as the main factor. It cannot be said that it is waiting for problems, and then regrets that it was not preventive at first, and there was no exercise.So the traction to the whirlpool fan equipment is also a truth...
  • What should I do if the bearing part of the vortex blower is hot?

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 11
    What should I do if the bearing part of the vortex blower is hot?When the vortex fan is running, it will generate a certain temperature. It has been said that the vortex fan is hot air, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if the local abnormal heat is generated, there is a certain problem. There are some reasons that can cause the temperature of the high-pressure fan to rise. It can be analyzed from the ...
  • How sidestream blowers work

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 47
    Side-flow fans, also called high-pressure fans, gas-ring vacuum pumps. The impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and is completely contactless.working principle:The impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and is completely contactless. Since the pump shaft is mounted outside the compression chamber, the maximum operating reliability of the machine is ensured even at the maxim...
  • Installation instructions for the vortex blower

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 12
    Installation Notes:1. The vortex blower should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.2. The direction of rotation of the vortex fan impeller must be the same as the direction of the arrow on the fan casing.3. When the high-pressure vortex fan is working, the working pressure should not exceed 8kpa, so as to avoid the excessive heat genera...
  • Characteristics of high pressure centrifugal fan on automatic feeder

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 50
    When the high-pressure centrifugal fan is running, the current consumed by the motor will increase with the increase of pressure and vacuum. If the current is too high, the contactor will jump off. To prevent tripping or power saving, please increase the outlet as much as possible. The area, or the air pressure regulating valve on the suction or exhaust side device.A. Air supply - inlet should be equipped w...
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