High pressure centrifugal blower


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  • How to make space in the workshop flow faster

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 23
    In any enterprise, especially in the workshop, the problem of air circulation is one of the problems that continue to be solved. Because if the air can't flow well, then it will affect everyone's normal work. Secondly, many equipments that need air cooling will have problems, so the way to make the workshop air flow faster has become a business. One of the key needs.In many enterprises, the air circulation ...
  • Development prospects of high pressure centrifugal fan industry

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 24
    The development prospects of the high-pressure centrifugal fan industry.With the continuous development of industry, the requirements for air convection in the interior of the vehicle, whether it is cooling machinery or ventilation, are getting higher and higher, which makes the use of high-pressure fans more and more frequent. So what is the development prospect of the high-pressure wind turbine industry? ...
  • Shanghai blower manufacturers briefly introduce the characteristics of high pressure blowers

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 25
    Shanghai blower manufacturers briefly introduce the characteristics of high pressure fans.High-pressure fans are widely used, and high-pressure fans in the environmental protection industry, medical, food and light textile industries are widely used. High-pressure fans generally have the following characteristics: First, not only can they inhale but also blow. Second, it is very environmentally friendly and...
  • High-pressure blower manufacturers teach you how to buy high-pressure fans

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 19

  • Explosion maintenance of high pressure centrifugal fan

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 34
    Description of the fault repair of the high pressure centrifugal fan.Because of its high speed, the high-pressure blower has a high balance on its balance. Therefore, the company has carried out a balance test on the high-pressure blower produced, especially the impeller of the fan. The impeller of a high-pressure blower is very sensitive to the balance around it, but the slight imbalance in its heart is no...
  • Vortex blower features

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 21
    Vortex fan:The vortex fan is a kind of ventilation air source for blowing air. It is mainly used for cutting machine, combustion oxygen concentrator, coil filter forming machine, plating tank stirring, atomizing dryer, fish raising oxygen, Water treatment gas explosion, screen printing machine, photo plate making machine, automatic feeding machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, electric we...
  • What is a gas ring blower?

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 13
    Air ring blower:Air ring fans are also called side-flow fans, gas ring vacuum pumps for exhaust.G series gas ring pump working principle:The G series of impellers are mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and are completely contactless. Since the pump shaft is mounted outside the compression chamber, the maximum operating reliability of the machine is ensured even when operating at the maximum differen...
  • Which industries are used in high pressure centrifugal fan?

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 14
    Which industries are used in high pressure centrifugal fan?Which industries are used in high-pressure centrifugal fans? High-pressure centrifugal fans are used in: industry and agriculture, environmental protection industry, automobile industry, aquaculture, electroplating industry, industrial dust collection, printing machinery industry, machinery industry, plastics industry, etc.High-pressure centrifugal ...
  • Industrial application of high pressure centrifugal fan

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 48
    Industrial application of high pressure centrifugal fanIn recent years, with the development of the national economy and science and technology, we have continuously introduced advanced foreign technology and new technology, coupled with domestic non-stop technological innovation.The application fields of high-pressure fans are more and more extensive, and they are particularly prominent in the fields of in...
  • The fault repair explanation of high-pressure centrifugal fan is developing towards energy saving and environmental protection

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 53
    Today, with the rapid development of the economy, the wind turbine is stable and durable, which cannot meet the needs of the market. The demand of the market is gradually becoming more and more personalized, and the high-pressure fan is developing in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection!In addition, under the conditions of market economy, high-pressure wind turbine manufacturers shoul...
  • The difference between multi-stage and single-stage high-speed centrifugal fans

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 52
    According to the working principle, single-stage and multi-stage are one type of speed fan, that is, firstly, during the rotation of the working wheel, the speed of the gas is improved due to the action of the rotating centrifugal force and the diffusing flow in the working wheel. The velocity energy is then converted to pressure energy in a diffuser. The difference between the two is that the single-stage ...
  • Working principle of high pressure centrifugal fan

    Time: 2022-01-06   Browse: 51
    The working principle of high pressure centrifugal fan.When the impeller rotates, due to the centrifugal force, the wind direction causes the gas to move forward and outward, thereby forming a series of spiral motions. The air between the impeller blades rotates in a spiral shape and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port 1). When it enters the side channel ...
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