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How sidestream blowers work

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How sidestream blowers work

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Side-flow fans, also called high-pressure fans, gas-ring vacuum pumps. The impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and is completely contactless.

working principle:

The impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the motor and is completely contactless. Since the pump shaft is mounted outside the compression chamber, the maximum operating reliability of the machine is ensured even at the maximum differential pressure.

The gas is sucked in by the suction port 1, and when it enters the side passage 2, the rotary impeller 3 gives the gas a speed in the direction of rotation. At the same time, the centrifugal force on the blades causes the gas to accelerate outward and the pressure to increase. As the rotation progresses, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, causing the gas pressure along the side channels to further increase. As the side channels narrow at the outlet, the gas is forced out of the vanes and exits the pump body through the outlet muffler 4.

Such fans are generally referred to abroad as: gas ring vacuum pumps, swirl vacuum pumps, swirl vacuum pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps, etc., in China,

Because it is widely used in farming, we are used to calling it: oxygen pump, vortex pump, vortex pump, air pump, air pump, etc. Taiwan and other places in China are called: high pressure blowers, high pressure suction fans, blowers, ring blowers, blower motors, etc.

In the category of fans, it is called: side-flow fans.

Due to the low noise of its operation, especially the greater the power, the more obvious

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