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High temperature centrifugal fan blower common problem temperature is too high

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High temperature centrifugal fan blower common problem temperature is too high

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The conclusion that a product such as a high-pressure centrifugal fan is used by many companies is undoubtedly a good result, but it is inevitable that some problems will be encountered during use, and one of the frequently occurring problems is high pressure. The fan temperature is too high. So what is the reason?

As one of the important reasons for the damage of high-pressure fans, the temperature is too high, it is not as good as small-vision, and the main causes are as follows:

First, the problem of lubrication quality, such a situation involves the problem of mechanical maintenance, so in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is essential to replenish the lubricating fluid frequently during the use of the high-pressure fan.

Second, the reasons for the configuration of rolling bearings, this must be noted that in the configuration of these bearings, try not to appear too large or too small, even if only a little bit may also lead the whole body.

Third, the problem of sealing the felt, this is a detail that is to pay attention not to be too tight or too loose.

Fourth, the bearing cooling water is insufficient and interrupted, these are generally mechanically operated in the actual operation, so what we need to do is to check frequently. It takes a minute to check the problem and it will save you hours. Come to rest in peace.

The main problem with high temperature fans is that the best way to avoid such problems is to be diligent in checking.


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